forum I need help deciding on colours for fairy wings
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So I have two different races with wings: Pixie’s and Fairies

Pixies are small, maybe around the size of a persons head. Their hair can be any pastel colour and they only have single wings in different shapes and patterns (think the male fairy’s from barbie: Mariposa combined with tinkerbell patterns)

Fairies are as big a humans, their hair is bright and can be any colour. They have double wings (think Winx club, or just butterfly’s)

So because of all these different colours, I’m not sure what colours to make the wings, I’m thinking of making the pixie wings see though with no colour. But I want the fairy wings to be detailed, maybe one or two colours combined. I’m mostly thinking whether they should be the same, complimentary or completely different colours to their bright hair.

What do you guy think?

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I'm not sure about colors necessarily, because there's a lot you can do with that, it could be based on personality, or be the same for everyone, it could also change by mood. There's many many options. However I will say, In my story building, I have the Fae, which are human sized as well, and regardless of color, their wings have a sort of iridescent shine to them.