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So my story starts out in a university-type magical school. I have maaaaybe 12 different starts that range from half a chapter to up to four or five, but they all seem very boring and stale. So, what do you guys like reading or not reading about stories in a school setting? Are there any books or stories with good starts you like that I could look into? for once I have the middle kinda planned out but the start is being more elusive than my writing motivation for once.

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One thing that I'll point out is that whenever there's a college in a movie is that they don't really show how much that stuff affects life. (Idk about you) but I've been to college. It's the center of life to an extent. Sure I could hang around the cafeteria for six hours, but that meant I had to stay up at least three hours to do school. What I'm saying is, make sure the school is always in peripheral vision if it's not center stage. And because you know that the school is going to be so present, make sure it suites your narrative needs. Every professor your characters interact with is now a minor character with an attitude, minor backstory, and fleshed out personality. Remember that. And remember to use it.

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those are both really good points, thanks! I just need to find the right balance between all my characters, the setting, exposition, and action so it isn't boring…
I have a lot of work to do 'x)