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Before I write these, anyone reading this is a-okay to take the plots and write stories off of them. Share your story you made with it if you do. By the way, I'm lettering the characters as they're introduced. Lettering does not restart in the next plot.

  1. Character A is a young and excitable child who doubles as a sorceress. When she ventures into a small town, she meets character B, a wanna-be hero who thinks he has what it takes to defeat the big bad of the world and character C, a thief who has good intentions and steals for reasons other than her own benefit. Together, the three of them venture off to defeat the big bad, who is some sort of monster or demon and is really old. A little into their journey, they run into character D, AKA, the big bad. During their battle, A accidentally uses her magic and turns D into a human child, around the same age as her. D is frustrated and orders her to turn him back, which she can't. She knows there is some way to do it, but she needs to look up how to do it and find the stuff required. B and C agree with D that she should fix this, but only because they think they need to kill him to defeat him. During the journey to find the stuff that will fix him, A shows D a good time and convinces him that he doesn't want to be turned back. A talks to B and C about this, C is fine with this; however, B is not and throws a temper-tantrum over not being able to kill him and prove that he's a hero. May I remind you, B and C are adults. In the end, D chooses to join the party with A and C and B leaves because he can't handle that the child saved the world in a way he refuses to. The world is saved with the power of friendship, as if it's my little pony.

  2. In a modern-esque fantasy world, there are two main powerful species. These species are humans and dragons. Many humans do not like dragons, going as far as to kill them. This is where character E, an anti-dragon human, comes in. On a cruise to Dragon Island, E brings a few weapons meant for killing the dragons. While on Dragon Island, he injures character F, a young dragon with a curious manner. As a punishment, whatever god lives in this world turns him into a dragon; this transformation is slower, but is quicker than the trip back to the cruise. Because of this, E must learn to live as the thing he hates and only when he can will he be given the choice to be turned back into a human. When he is given the choice, he chooses to…..


I have two new plots;

Plot #1

Character A is a teenage girl. After she faces death, she ends up in the afterlife where she meets Character B and Character C, who are also teenage girls. Refusing to stay dead, characters A, B and C try to find the fabled door to life. That's where Character D, a roughly humanoid supervisor of the dead, comes in. For a while, Character D has managed to get them caught. That all changes when Character D tries to stop Character A from even leaving the area where the dead are by holding her down. Problem is, they were standing on top of the human exit of the supervision area. When the door opens underneath them, both go plopping onto the land below. When that happens, Character D is turned human and can't use any of his previous abilities.

Plot #2

In this world, all wishes made in wells, other than ones involving living beings, come true. That is, unless a being inside the well is hit on the head by the coin in question. One day, Character A, a rich girl, throws a coin in the well as she wishes for a boyfriend. This coin just happens to hit Character B, a well monster, and he ends up being turned human against his will. When A comes back to the well the next day to sulk, she finds B in the cold well. Being the person she is, A helps B to get out of the well and warm up. Having nowhere to go, B tells A the truth and A offers him a room in her house.