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Ok, so the whole basis of my story focuses on this “energy” that this alien race is born with, right? Problem is—What is it that makes their energy so special??? So special in fact, that their planet is invaded and destroyed because of it! I can’t for the life of me seem to answer this question. 🤦‍♀️


Maybe their energy can manipulate reality or something? Maybe it can warp things like time or can open portals or something.
Or it could be some sort of "ordinary" thing they used for power or whatever but maybe it would have been really useful to someone else? Like, the invaders had a way to transform it into something else or they needed the energy(which in this case would be like electricity) to power something?
I don't know if this made any sense but I hope it helped in some way.

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No no it helped! Especially that part about it being useful to someone else! 🤔 It gave me a few ideas, time to start writing 👏


There's this thing called Exotic Matter that's theorized to exist in physics. What makes this exotic matter cool is that it's the only thing that can stabilize a wormhole (also theorized and never observed) enough for anything to pass through it. Maybe the aliens could have some sort of command over it, and so other planets want to covet them? idk, hope it helps