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So, The very basic summary is that on Earth, there are 5 girls, over time they run into each other and learn they're all going through some ODD things (unexplained violence, craving blood, getting panic attacks when staying in a city for too long, etc). Eventually they find out they aren't human. After coming to agreement and confronting their parents, they learn that they were all born in the parallel dimension Fernweh. There are 5 countries/kingdoms and their parents are the current rulers, making the girls the heirs and future rulers. They learn the reason they were raised on earth They will need to go to Fernweh now to properly learn everything.
What I'm worried about is that I don't know where it will go now apart from them learning their places and who they are. It's going to be Dark Fantasy, and I don't want it to be slice of life mainly. I know the common conflict in there sort of royalty stories is a group trying to overthrow them, but it's so overdone. I'm not sure what to do. I love my characters, but I want them to suffer :'(

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Waving hi. A random thought that I just had, even though it might be contrary to what you’re thinking/wanting. What if the girls and their parents don’t know each other? In other words, the girls get mixed up and put with the wrong parents (for example, say Girl 1 goes to Monarch 3 without realizing that they aren’t related). Then, you have that whole mess of the girls trying to figure out who their real parent(s) are, and possibly not succeeding.

Alternatively (or maybe even along with the previous idea), they grow up thinking that they found their real parent(s), but later learn that they actually weren’t (like Girl 1 thinking Monarch 3 is their real parent, but finding out that they actually aren’t), and have to figure out which nation they belong to, and possibly have to deal with the emotional, and maybe political, issues that goes with their real parent(s) and the other girl not believing them. (Girl 1 figuring out that they are Monarch 1’s child, but Monarch 1 and Girl 3 don’t believe them, and conflict ensues).

Hopefully that all makes sense, and I didn’t go completely away from what you’re trying to do. And I hope this helps inspire you.

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Hello. I recognize this post is nearly a month old, so maybe you've resolved your plot anxieties by now. But, in case you're still toiling and bubbling over the plot cauldron, here are a few ideas:

The parental monarchs are at war with one another- potentially a 5 way war, or even a 2 sided war with allies amongst them. The girls have to come to grips with their positions as members of ideological groups in conflict. This can lead to them winding up at war with one another, even though they're friends, or for 1 or 2 to turn to the 'Dark Side' and fight the others. It can lead to interesting questions of oppression and privilege as explanations for why their parents are fighting and can also be a way for the characters to hurt both physically and emotionally.

You could have 1 or more of the girls forced into some kind of arranged political marriage, while being in love with someone else. Romance in Dark Fantasy has so much potential. You could alternatively have one of the other girls fall in love with the individual Girl 1 is in an arranged marriage with, introducing all kinds of angst. Even just the effort of breaking a betrothal has built-in dark options.

Someone from Earth has also noticed the ODD happenings, and manages to trace the girls to Fernweh. This Earth villain then sparks war between the girl's dimension and Earth. This has potential for the girls to face the destruction of Fernweh, or alternatively, to have to try to stop their parents from destroying Earth.

If you're looking for more emotional pain, have 1 or more of the Monarch parents be abusive. This can be emotional abuse or neglect as they train their daughter; or, it can look more like manipulation and gaslighting. e.g. Girl 1 is manipulated by her Monarch Parent into isolating from and eventually attacking her friends, who are in position to become the other monarchs. Or, Monarch 1 manipulates her daughter And another girl (Girl 2) to hate and overthrow Girl 2's parents, expanding their own kingdom in the process. Most of the dark in Dark Fantasy here is in the Villain playing with minds.

Is there magic in your Dark Fantasy? Because that opens up whole other avenues.
Hope these help!