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So I have a story in mind but I only have a cast and general ~vibe~ but no plot points.
I know that the story is going to follow a gay romance, the boys will be either grade 11 or 12, and I want it to be angsty. I want people to cry while reading this.
The title right now is Liberosis (meaning the desire to care less about things) if that makes a difference, but it can easily be changed as well if it doesn't fit ideas.
I just need plot point/conflict ideas, any and all suggestions are appreciated!!

@tomat brightness_7

I always have only one advice for people that struggle with their plot. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Who is the main character?
  • What does this character need/want?
  • Who or what can stop this character from getting what they need/want?

If you answer these three, then you should have at least a rough sketch of your story. Some other questions to ask later are:

  • How do I want this story to end?
  • What do I want to tell my readers with this story?

When constructing the plot, follow the Murphy's law ("anything that can go wrong will go wrong") and poof, you have conflicts and disasters.

When writing your first draft, focus entirely on the storyline. Leave worldbuilding for later parts, when you are sure for 100% that majority of your plot won't change. This advice doesn't apply with the parts of worldbuilding that should be thinked over while writing. I hope you understand.

If you want to ask any particular questions, I'll gladly answer them.