forum Don't know what I want my character to want... help please!
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I'm writing a story where my character is dead an she gets to do one last thing (kinda as a ghost) before she has to go to the after-life. I want her to go back to her home town but I don't know what i want her to do, as the last thing on earth. Any ideas?

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romance - find her partner/fall in love/angst
mystery/thriller - maybe she doesn't remember her death and wants to find her murderer or smth?
mystery - something about her hometown she was investigating when she died
fluff (could go comedy with this idk) - maybe she hangs around to keep her friends safe

it all depends on what genre or how light/dark you want the story to be. You could also check out the promts thread, maybe one of those would fit really well


What if the last think she wanted to is to pass one last day with her childhood friend, who is still alive? And like she has to convince him/her that she s not an allucination and all that kind of stuff, I know is stupid, just wanted to help