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About 20 years ago, a group of friends found themselves extremely interested in trying to clone humans, so they used their life savings to build a lab. A few years later, they published their work in a scientific journal, which got the attention of some famous geneticists. They founded several other labs and hired other people to work on the project.

The 13th lab had a head who had recently undergone a lot of trauma- both of her parents had been murdered. These two were the only family she had, so she decided that she'd use the lab to try and clone her own assistants and get revenge on the murderer. The clones are the protagonists.

The first ten clones had minds of their own, and when they were old enough to learn what they were being used for, they tried to escape. Currently, only Experiment 1, Experiment 2, and Experiment 7 (the protagonists) have escaped. Their goal? To try and free the rest of the first ten clones and stop the head of the 13th lab from making any more of them.

(Before you tell me this is the worst plot you've ever heard, please note that this is very early in development)

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Yes, that's good. I'm curious about what's next. You grabbed my attention, and that's the first step. As soon as I read this I asked myself some questions.

  1. Why didn't the 13th lab head clone her parents? Was it not possible? What is needed to clone a human?
  2. How did the clones escape? And why did the rest stay?
  3. Do 1, 2 and 7 have other goals that pushes them forward? Do they like each other? Why do they care about the rest? Are they clones of each other or someone else?

I could go longer, but those are the most important. Be sure to answer them. Focus on the plot first and then the worldbuilding. Remember that every main character usually has other more personal goals than just the ones that are shown in the plot. I hope that your idea will flourish and develop more.

Keep writing,