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I need a plot bad. I have my settings (loosely developed with room for additions) and 6 characters. It's a fatasy-type thing. Any advice on how to come up with a plot when all you have is a setting and characters?
Much appreciated!


Personally I like to put mt characters in different scenarios, an adventure, a romance, a mystery etc. If I like any of the scenarios and how my characters look/behave, I try to extend it and make it into a working plot

I also day dream a lot so if I have a weird day dream I like, I'll put my characters into it and see where it goes

For example I was thinking about writing romance and found a story in my mind about a character running into another characters room to confess but not understanding how to confess their feelings. I really liked the way o worked ut un my mind so I started it on paper and ended up liking the way the story started working



I've never seen you around and your profile shows you recently joined! My name is Stark, im 20, and a female, using she/her pronouns

If you ever need or someone to rp with, tag me in a new thread!

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Awesome to meet you! Yes, I am new :)

I looked at your profile and it seems we have some interests in common, I also like Rick Riordan and I absolutely LOVE John Flanagan's books :)


Tbh I forget the names of the characters but Will and Halt were my favourite

In the wave 2 series, there was also the daughter of a king who was will's friend, inforget her name but I love her too