forum A plot I'm making for an entire fictional story (that I may or may not make) that is based off of a mix of Invader Zim and Warrior Cats
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Just a heads up, I was originally thinking of making this an Invader Zim RP in which a new fanmade species of alien was revealed. I might still do that, but label it as a crossover with my non-existent book. Feel free to tell me what you think about the plot.

The story revolves around Character A, AKA Ara. Ara was a part of a rebellion against her leader which would take place in the prologue. In a war against said leader, Ara and her currently unnamed ex were the only rebel survivors, as most of them were killed by venom-infused wounds that their currently unnamed leader made. Ara's ex survived because he betrayed the rebellion and joined the tyrant and Ara barely got off the planet with a broken leg instead of infected wounds.

Ara ends up on the earth, where the story starts, and is found by a human who calls her Squee. Said human isn't aware she is a smart being who is completely capable of understanding technology. I don't have a lot of the story planned out, but I did have a way planned out when it was an Invader Zim RP.

-During those times, the tyrant and her assistant, Ara's ex, end up on earth. While they're there, they end up at odds with the irken empire. The Tyrant discovers some sort of drug that works like venom and shrinks things. So, she decides to have her assistant try it out and they use it to fight the irkens. However, it doesn't do much at first. Then he drinks a lot of it at once and he goes against the tallests. He ends up getting his venom in, but the tallests do a fair amount of damage back. They rip out a huge chunk of skin, which is shaped like a bow, that is on his neck. He dies not too much later, causing the tallests to think their species works like irkens and that the bow-tye flesh was like his pak. In reality, he just overdosed.-

If I do end up making this an Invader Zim RP, I'm going to end up playing at least three characters and mention a lot of NPCs.