forum Sup! Does anybody have an idea for a planet?
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I had this really crazy idea for a random planet that makes no sense :D

The COW planet!

This plant is full of cows because that's where they go when they jump over the MOON.
The planet is called >BLUEBELL<

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Lol, dude love the idea


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I like the idea of living on a broken planet or having a planet with more than one set of rings, like this one! (SPOILERS for Steven Universe episode 'Legs from here to Homeworld'!!)

Anyone remember the crazy planets from the film Interstellar, especially the water one?

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What if you had a world that was covered in a permanent layer of ice that was constantly shifting with a few solid islands on the tops, forcing drastically different cultures and races together


you could make five planets, each missing one of five elements.(Water, Fire, Air, earth, and magic/spirit.) so one planet, like earth, has no magic, and another one has no water or no fire, etc.

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If that were to be in a book there might also be some sort of temporary alignment that let all the planets gain the elements or have a sixth element be created

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I already have a galaxy, each with a unique planet, maybe I can help you!


A dark world with no sun and everyone lives underground because its so cold and barren outside. The only light source are glowworms and glowy glowy plants and alien like animals.

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How about a small planet that used to be a moon. It was blown up long ago, but life continues adapted to live with little to no atmosphere or gravity. The people there have a primitive tribal culture and a special bacterium that turns CO2 into air inside their body. Or their advance ancestors passed down a tradition of making a suit out of skins and filling it with a plant, animal, or bacterium that feeds them air. When they eat they have to hold their breath. Air is a currency more valuable than diamonds. For heat they rely on chemical reactions that produce heat.

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I forgot to mention this planet is a moon because the rocks must orbit the planet or they will drift far apart


Ok so I have this ongoing joke with this kid in my class where we all pretend he's an alien. Anyways, my friends and I thought up the planet that he came from: so it's called Tzavania. Basically the Algernians are the lower class (like McDonalds workers and stuff.) They have to go to Asomland, where they work to freeze Tzavania's trash under layers of ice. The Jupedians and the Shacians are the higher class and they become Star Scouts who go to other planets to save the residents, and bring back technology and stuff. Except the Jupedians are all females, and the Shacians are all dudes. idk my friends and I come up with cRaZy StUfF

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How about a planet that's four times the size of ours, and it has a civilization as advanced as ours but they still haven't explored the entire world because it's so big?

Well, our planet is the size of ours and we know freaking little about the ocean floor and other extreme environments.


write alternate realities and just have fun with it (role swap, genderswap, future reincarnations, swap characters entirely)