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I am doing a sci-fi story
and I have a bunch of planets I want to use
But I don't know how to use them in a way that benefits the plot
So I was hoping we could brainstorm or something


I'm assuming there's a way to travel between planets as it's scifi? Also, can I ask what the plot is lol? Sorry, I'm v interested in space and v interested in being a part of this brainstorming


My main character Allegra and her BFF 5ever Ellis sneak aboard a star ship named the Seattle (SE-8TT1) because they think they might have a better life on another planet. They get caught by the engineer. They're allowed to stay on board when they explain why they went in the first place, because the pilot Lars is a sap honestly.

So they travel around a bit and pick up some more passengers, then Lars gets an urgent report. He won't tell anyone else what it's about, so Allegra goes and rummages through his stuff to find the report. Turns out a rogue planet floated into the scopes of a science establishment on the planet Nesoi, which is the farthest planet from earth so far. They picked up strange readings on the rogue and asked Lars and crew to investigate.

They land on the planet and start searching around and there's a maze that winds all across the surface. They go to explore and find this wall that looks like liquid light. So Ellis touches it (like a ding dong) and it sends him to a deep part of the universe. He gets "possessed' by Ater, demon extraordinaire, and escapes the realm in which he was sealed away for so long.

Meanwhile, the crew had made an attempt to explore the maze again, which resulted in Cody (another character) almost getting killed by Nex, a goblin like being who can reflect the people it's harmed.

Ater almost tears their ship apart and kills the engineer. Nex and Ater, however, have a history. They battle it out.

In the end Ater and Nex get destroyed (don't ask me how) and the crew escapes.


Okay, so obviously, each planet needs to play a critical role in the plot (bc regrettably, books don't get fun filler eps with awesome but relevant planets like tv shows do). So maybe each planet has a thing they need to retrieve- a person, item, or tidbit of knowledge- that is critical to saving Ellis. And there's def obstacles on each planet preventing it. (Maybe at some point you need a part to repair the ship, but it's only found in a small town on a deadly planet). What skill sets do you need to rescue Ellis? Those are people you could "collect." However, even as they get closer to saving Ellis, they also get closer to the boss battle.
As for the boss battle, I have a few questions. Does it have an impact on the solar system/galaxy/universe they're in? Maybe their destruction is in a giant explosion, like a supernova, that destroys the central star of a solar system. Does the crew have to prevent this to save the lives of everyone on every planet in the solar system?
Also, do Allegra and Ellis eventually get the better life they wanted? What happens after the crew escapes? Is it happily ever after or do you leave a bunch of loose ends.

Sorry kinda long but it was a brain dump. I might come back later with more.