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I feel like people either love or hate word wars, but I'm one of the people that love them for sure. If you're unfamiliar with them, basically you just have a group of people (like us here!) online or in person, and at any time someone can start a "war" for some period of time. When it starts, everyone just sits down and writes for the whole duration (often somewhere between 10-45 minutes) and everyone says how many words they wrote at the end to see who wrote the most. It's silly fun and obviously on the honor system (since, especially online, you could have someone just say "oh yeah, I wrote 99,999,999 words!"), but I think it's an awesome motivator to put aside distractions and sit down and focus on writing.

Anyway, does anyone else like word wars? I may or may not be thinking about coding something up that lets people start and join word wars from in to have running by the time NaNoWriMo rolls around this year… would people find that more useful or distracting?