forum What are you doing for NaNoWriMo?
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Good to see you're far along! I'm on… Chapter 3… but I'm working! I'm doing the writing, and it feels good! Too bad school and the musical are getting in the way, but I've still got a few thousand words already! Woohoo!

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My goal is just to get the 50,000 word goal. I don't think I'll finish my novel by the end of the month at the rate I'm going, but 50,000 words seems doable. I just started the 4th chapter last night and I'm just over 15,000 words in total.

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I’m trying to revive something I haven’t worked on in months— the plot is still being untangled, and I’ve attempted to rewrite this dang novel four different times, and I think this time I really want to solidify it.
Currently at 30,000 somethin words, so it’s practically almost done, but I always have to go back and fix up some things

I wish everyone else good luck on their projects as well! Happy writing! :D