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I'm writing a novel that I plan to possibly make into a trilogy. But there's no way I'm ever going to even get past chapter 12 I stg. I'm only on chapter one so far and just… stRESS.

My story: Human girl's family gets kidnapped by aliens that want to kill her. Human girl gets kidnapped by aliens that don't want to kill her. Human girl falls in love with one of her alien kidnappers and becomes best friends with the other alien kidnapper. Human girl finds out she's not actually human. Not-human girl battles the alien kidnappers that want to kill her. Not-human girl accidentally kills her best friend alien kidnapper. Not-human girl gets 80% of her family back. One of her sister's died. Not-human girl has to leave her alien kidnapper that doesn't want to kill her (the one she fell in love with) and she's sad. Everybody has PTSD. Not-human girl eventually marries a human boy and has kids, and her kids make her feel like she finally has a purpose again. The end.


That sounds so cool. I would definitely read it. And don't try to stress yourself out with trying to finish, just chip away at it whenever you get inspired, you can leave it for a while and then come back to it. Also don't add to any stress by giving yourself deadlines and such, just let it happen when it happens, that way it'll be your best work and not something hurriedly thrown together at the last minute.