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All my friends are doing it, but I can't because of an art competition, so I'm gonna be cheering everyone on!

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I think I've only hit the goal about half the times I've done it (at best) but it's still fun to attempt, especially if you have any friends doing it and/or go to any write-ins.

I don't see sub-50,000 as failure insomuch as seeing it as "well, I wrote many thousand more than I would have otherwise" ;)


I've done NaNo twice (counting Camp) and I absolutely love it. I only made the count once out of the two, but I hope to do so again this year

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I've hit the 50,000 word goal every single time I've participated…

But I've only participated once :P I'm feeling pretty prepared though. My outline currently doesn't have an ending, but I'm not expecting to actually get to that point anyways.


Oh goodness! Already? The last time I participated in it I allowed a friend to “help” (with commenting privileges on Docs. I’m not crazy enough to allow anyone full editing privileges on my (and just my) stories.) and she distracted me with her funny comments. I only did 1000 words that time.

So, yeah.

I’m gonna try this year, however. Best of luck to the rest! I hope you hit 50,000 words!

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golly gee in deed. I'm doing it for a class and we're graded on word count so… I'm gonna be the dummy that fails creative writing

but if we hit 50,000 we get a t-shirt