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Grammarly is a popular tool for writers, especially ones who have trouble punctuating, or if their ideas flow very quickly. Grammarly is completely free to sign up, but costs a lot of money if you want premium. Basically, this handy tool has you copy-paste or load documents into their writing space, and it will tell you what errors you have in punctuation, spelling, and spacing. If you double-click on a word, it can tell you synonyms in place of that word, which can be extremely helpful. When you're logged on to Grammarly, it'll even tell you errors in other platforms on the Internet, such as WikiHow, Facebook, or Twitter. It is extremely helpful when it comes to NaNoWriMo, especially for budding writers. Grammarly provides punctuation, spelling, and synonyms for free, but they provide even more with Premium, even down to plagiarism. But, especially for the price, is Premium worth it?

Grammarly gives you plenty of starting tools with the Free version, it even tells you what kind of Premium mistake you made. But, especially if you write lengthy chapters, most of your uncorrected mistakes will be for Premium users only. Premium gives you access to everything in the Free version, but it includes a plagiarism checker, word choice, a human proofreader, and more!So, why not sign up? Well, there's a hefty price of 30.00 a month, which can add up over time, especially if you don't have much time to write. But, if you're participating in National Novel Writing Month, which, concluded from its name is one month long, Grammarly can be a blessing. Premium is basically paying for all the things that Grammarly is taking from you (and the necessities for good writing), and Premium is the only way to get rid of those dumb ads and those pay-to-use buttons. So, is Premium worth it? Whether you've used Grammarly or not, tell us your opinion in the replies!


@"(CW) Born_Confuzzled_Chameleon" I personally suggest a website by the name of ProWritingAid, it's much cheaper than Grammarly and does heaps more, even in the free version! Only downside is that you can only run a certain amount of words. However, this is easy to bypass by copy/pasting small sections at a time. :)