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I have this major problem with sporadic thoughts/inspirations and I tend to jump around a lot. I have been doing better lately, working only on my one story. I have 6 running projects. The one I have been working on a lot lately is a story about mentally ill characters with super powers. It involves a lot of research and character plotting. Some of my other projects include: one about a great thief who "kidnaps" a detective to save her life, another superhero story with individuals who had been sick as children and the process that gave them their powers also helped them with their illness, a modern (nerdy) love story with some tragedy, another drama/romance about an amputee and a photographer, and a complicated comedy that I am very proud of. I would love to discuss and share some of my work, and I also really like to read other's work, so please message me to talk.

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I'm not sure how to message people on here, lol. But your ideas seem pretty interesting and I'd love to hear about them. (Also, don't worry about jumping from project to project. Just write what you feel passionate about writing at the moment. It's when you'll create your absolute best work.)


Thanks guys. I could post more about my projects on this topic if you would like. I am looking for new people to read over some of my work. I have a friend who is also a writer but he writes short stories, so he is not always helpful with the long-term story writing.


My advice is to write what comes to you. I find it impossible to work well when I have something else on my mind. I aso greatly enjoy reading, so if you want to show off some work, that would be really cool!