forum CaN anYonE HelP mE StaRt A NoVeL?

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I need help starting a novel. I have the idea, I just need to know how to start it. The book is about a war-vet who got tortured. It starts off with him dead and a police officer hands one of his relitives his diary with all he experenced though out the war.
Can anyone help with a way to start it off?


If nothing else: ramble until you find ground. You can always fix it later.

But to help you gain traction, I suggest describing the kind of day it is (cold, hot rainy, clear?), then the people (what they’re wearing, the impressions they give off), and the events (who is doing what to whom and how are they responding?). Talk about emotions and stuff (who is indifferent, who is sad, who is nostalgic? Are the feelings complex? Happy, yet sad, etc.)

Hope that helps.

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I you are not too far into it I would advise one of the relatives is intrigued and starts to read it and becomes hooked on the stories which lead them to a greater love and respect for the dead guy. (Also I would say romance in the diary is a definite plus.)


I would start with the characters you've decided to use and developing their personalities, how they act, perceive things, ect. Figure out a scene, any scene, and start writing. Like @Overdoneyanoveltropeyesplease said, it doesn't have to be perfect and you can fix it later. I think a lot of people start at the beginning and while the beginning is important, it doesn't need to be first. Write your ideas down too, so you stay organized and don't forget anything. Hope this helps!