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Started by Melanie

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Hello! I'm curious if anyone is doing Camp Nano in July. Time is creeping up on us pretty fast. I'd love to hear your ideas and plots!


I'm doing it! I'm going to be continuing my novel Caethe. My synopsis is literally this:

A fantasy/scifi novel to which it's very hard to give a synopsis, because at this point even I'm not sure what the heck is going on. There's a star going supernova called Caethe which has been frozen in time, a shapeshifter with dubious morals, several magic gay bois, and four Guardians - one of whom is missing.

Come for the frozen supernova, stay for the gay bois, I guess. Would you be interested in joining a cabin with a couple of my YWP buddies?


Hi! I'm writing a sci-fi/fantasy book about a princess whose stepmother is trying to keep her from getting the throne. I'm trying camp nano for the first time so I'm pretty excited.



I'm planning to! I'm hoping to work on one of my stories that I've been forming for the past couple of years (haven't figured out what to name it though). It's going to be set in this private academy for gifted students (like the X-Men), where the main character starts to get suspicious when some students start to disappear. I pretty much have my first few chapters figured out, and I know my ending, but I'm kind of struggling with the middle (which is why I'm hoping Camp Nano can give me the motivation to continue writing, and figure it out along the way.

Hope we all accomplish our goals for next month!


I'm planning on participating this year! Hopefully I can manage it.

I'm writing a dystopian urban fantasy styled loosely after Attack on Titan. It's about humanity being forced to live underground in fear because of Dragons that roam the land above. As cliche as it sounds, the real focus is on the themes of safety vs freedom and free will vs determinism. I also set up a four-corner conflict with my two main antagonists and two main characters. The Dragons play a vital role as the overarching evil, but the antagonists create more of the friction in the story.

Good luck guys!