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If you're doing a fanfic for NaNoWriMo, drop info here because I'm curious! I'm doing mine as an MCU Peter Parker fic called Neon Gravestones (book was named after the twenty one pilots song)

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Lol I always right fanfictions and romance! I’ll share some!
I usually right about my character or other people’s character (cough Emis characters) and mine together and they are usually stupid but who cares I love them!

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I’m sorta doing something else for Nanowrimo (It’s Early in the morning……) but I’m doing a fanfic outside of that


Mine's is a Supernatural AU, kinda Salem Witch Trial-esque

frantic screeching lemme read sorry

it’s being posted to Ao3 first, you can find it at (not your) Perfect Girl under blasphemyincarnate :)


Well it’s an avengers fanfic mainly based around Loki. It doesn’t matter how it turns out but I just want it to have a girl with her head in her hands in a faded picture of Loki with half faded avengers symbols in the background