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I recently decided to listen to sea shanties. I really like them, so I want to share a few of my favorites here! :)
Roll the Old Chariot - David Coffin
Sally Brown - The Dreadnoughts
Eliza Lee - The Dreadnoughts
Randy Dandy-Oh - The Dreadnoughts
Rolling Down to Old Maui - The Revels
Leave Her Johnny - Johnny Collins
South Australia - Johnny Collins
Haul Away Joe - Longest Johns

(Shanties by David Coffin and The Dreadnoughts are pretty great in general.)

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I saw that sea shanties were getting more popular, especially with the Wellerman TikTok trend, so here's some more favorites :) I hope you like them!

  • Wellerman - The Longest Johns
  • Santiana - The Longest Johns
  • Old Maui - The Dreadnoughts
  • anti-sea shanty - Louie Zong (kind of counts as one ig? still a bop)
  • Drunken Sailor/Weigh, Hey and Up She Rises - Longest Johns or The Irish Rovers
  • Oak & Ash & Thorn - Longest Johns - not a shanty but really good
  • Pique la baleine - The Dreadnoughts (sounds piratey)
  • The Cruel Wars - The Dreadnoughts
  • Spanish Ladies - Jerry Bryant and Starboard Mess

Also! In the previous post, I forgot to mention the Longest Johns. How could I forget the Longest Johns?? They're probably my top favorite
Here's a documentary about sea shanties in general

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jncioefhcneuofhc being an annual go-er to the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival do I have songs for you! I'll post some links in a sec