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Come share your random verses from your songs :3
I have so many of these because I never finish songs

"guess I'm scared of comitment
or maybe just scared of you
cause baby I'm tired
of all I've been through"

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I was listening to Wilbur's Your City Gave Me Asthma album while writng this

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Today on "Love songs by someone who's never been in a relationship":

after writing sad headcanons, I wrote a bit of a song that I might use as a bridge for one I'm working on

Pillows aren't alive, and they just can't replicate
That wonderful sensation of you lying next to me
'Cause no matter how tight I hold them close
Although it has your scent, I still have yet to hear
Your quiet breathing
And I still have yet to feel
That gentle feeling
The feeling that I'm home
The way my heart says "You're the one" whenever I'm with you
That knowledge that there's no hard time that we can't get through
So I will keep on waiting, waiting, waiting for that day
The day you finally come home


uh uh mf uhhhhhh
this is something i wrote because i was Big Sad

Slow dance, midnight
I still see you balloon into view
One chance, daylight
I wish I'd forget about you

Stars in your hair and smoke in your eyes
Red-stained cheeks and scattered hair dye
Cigarette burns match the night sky
Torn-up sweater you wore all your life
You told me you weren't afraid to die
'Cause you were determined to live every second

You promised me you'd leave soon
I didn't believe you
Which was kinda dumb of me
Didn't realize what I'd lose
In the back rooms
Of that old house up the street

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