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I recently went back to my old memories and I found some music that reminds me of the good old days. I immediately decided that I'll share some pieces with you and I hope that you'll show me something that makes your heart do that palpitant thing, too.

here are the soundtracks from Thomas Brush's minigame, Coma, that makes me want to invent some kind of a time machine and go back to summer 2014:

and my all time favorite - Austin Wintory's soundtrack from Abzu:

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A lot of songs from my childhood were from my parents' favorite childhood cartoons/animes

Gettin a lot of nostalgia from these :)

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I have a whole Spotify playlist called "Songs that just Hit Different" jfkdsjfskl- I'll put it here in case anyone wants to check it out.
In terms of nostalgia, pretty much any song by Elton John, House of Gold by twenty one pilots, and Spirits by the Strumbellas :) and the songs Boys Will Be Bugs by Cavetown and Oh Klahoma by Jack Stauber just sorta give me that feeling even though I didn't know them as a kid.

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‘Aight, lets go!
Power- Bastille
Die for YOu - Starset
Let it die- Starset
I miss you - Adele
Bad decisions -Bastille
I know there’s more that make me want to rewind time and relive the past, but here’s just the ones I could think of from the top of my head