forum music questions? i can help!
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As I'm writing this, I'm a soon-to-be music education major. I've been learning music since elementary, and my primary instrument is (classical) voice. I can answer any questions you might have from vocal techniques to music theory to Spotify playlists to song recommendations to piano/guitar basics! I'm also here to geek out if other music fans wanna say hi.


hi! i love music to im better at making playlit for charecters of others but i can never make one for my own, have any thoughts?

@Angelfish-Eyes group

Sure. Most streaming services have "discover" playlists, or a way to listen to music similar to a certain song. These will help you get exposed to new music similar to what you already like. Look at lyrics, and look for themes that correspond with the basis of your character.
Alternatively, take your character's traits and themes and ask other people for songs that match those.