forum Moonwalker's group chat :)
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Well, I don't really know, just a chat for people to talk on, and it doesn't need to be about anything specific, it can be about anything, just so that we can have a giant Moonwalker's chat, that we can just talk on when we want to, and hopefully we can get LOADS of people to join it. (How cool would that be, a chat with hundreds of Moonwalkers!)

Aubrey group

Absolutely also what do y’alls parents think about you being a Moonwalker cause my mom is ok with it but my dad hates it


Oh geez, my mum does NOT like him (she thinks he is guilty) and my dad is kind of stand offish about it but they don't really know.

Eva Jackson

Hiii everyone! I’m new to this website and I don’t really know how to use it but I hope I will learn more about it. Anyways how are you guys? :)

Mikes pyt

Hi! I just got to know about this website thing for moonwalkers and I totally don't know how to use this thing.. also is there a way to reply ppl??