forum i need some song recommendations based off of some songs i really like (if that even makes sense)
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title says all.

here's the songs i like a lot:

  • Magical Doctor by Maretu
  • Coin locker Baby by Maretu
  • Aishite Aishite Aishite by Kikuo
  • Pretty Cvnt by Sewerslvt

if anyone can give me some recommendations based on those, that would be great!

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"My Sweet Darling" by Hitomi Yaida (more mid-2000s bubblegum Jpop) I knew the title of this same song as "Darling Darling" but it looks like there are now something like 6 Jpop songs with that title so

"Burn My Dread" cover by Persona;Ness on YouTube is the best version of the song in my opinion

"Again" by Yui, admittedly not as edgy or experimental and it has that anime theme association/stigma but it's still my jam

"Opheliac" by Emilie Autumn—the song, not the album, and for some reason people seem to really want to go out of their way to deride her music, but I really like the energy of this specific song and "If I Burn"

"When It Falls", "Smile", or my personal favorite that might be less your taste compared to the first two, "I May Fall" all performed by Casey Lee Williams

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um I've never heard of those songs but you should listen to One More Time by Daft Punk (a really good party song), You're the best by Joe Esposito (really good motivational song)

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for some reason people seem to really want to go out of their way to deride her music

Ugh I only recently caught up with social media conflicts in this fandom that revealed Emilie Autumn has conducted herself dishonorably and unethically regarding social advocacy movements. My disappointment is immeasurable.