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hey guys! so there's this song by kelly clarkson that's called piece by piece. it's about how her dad left her and how her stepdad became basically like her real dad, and how he showed her how a father should be. the same thing happened with me, except with my stepmom. me and her listen to this song together, so it's special to us. she doesn't know how i feel about it though. recently she's been going through a rough time and i wanted to do something special for her. i'm learning the music on piano, but i'm going to rewrite the lyrics so they're more personal to us. below i'll put a link to the lyrics, and any input would be much appreciated!

so since it's my stepMOM and not stepDAD, i'll obviously be changing the pronouns to "she" when it's talking about her. aside from that, i'm a bit lost. i'll supply any backstory you need, ask me questions! thanks in advance :)