forum help with playlist?
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i have been finding it diffecalt to make playlist for my ocs but easy to do if for others so will anyone like to help me make one for any of my ocs?


ok, well the one id like to do is called flaan balir forest, he comes from a strange familly, (hes also a trams male) his parents are devoirced and both are kinda toxic, his dad was pysicly abuzive and verbly abusive, his mom how ever is munipulative and a gaslighter. he suffers from ptsd and anxity as well as depertisson (due to the ptsd) he has two close frinds that are nice to him (rose and mace) his past frinds only wanted him for the attinton, hes been through a few relationships who only used him for his body. he is kinda harted and care for everyone no matter how bad they are to him, he fears being abounded due to his past so he can be a bit cliny to thoes he holds close. he is also stuberned and has no fear to fight for whats right.


I love them. Just like most of my OC's. He has every trauma imaginable. Quick question 1 is he in a relationship now if so is it healthy? 2 is he gay or straight or bi what (I know he's tran but I would like to know in advance.) Also fantasy or modern time frame.