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I can't take a peek into the playlist itself, but I've got some recommendations from every genre.
Country: Sedona, Parachute, Cold, Johnny Boy's Bones, Sleeping on the Blacktop, The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie
Alternative Rock: The Man Who Sold the World, Skin and Bones, Social Cues, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Everlong, Mrs. Robinson, Cold Cold Cold, Therefore I Am, Devil Town, Fool, Meteor Shower, We're Alive, Run Boy Run, Do I Wanna Know, Steady as She Goes, Carolina Drama, We're Through
Pop: Bad At Love, Heather, Lover, Bang!, Harmony Hall, Wake Up Call, Circles
Rock: Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap), Back in Black, The Immagrint's Song, More Than a Feeling, Carry on My Wayward Son, Wheel in the Sky, Somebody to Love (both Jefferson Airplane and Queen), Highway to Hell, Hell's Bells, Seven Nation Army, Don't Stop Me Now