forum get song suggestions for character/world playlists!
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context: want to help others make a playlist, but dont want to sacrifice too much time on making one? want help with your own, but dont know who to ask? welcome to the perfect place for that!

the gist: is that basically, you give a brief description of your character, your world, or whatever you need the playlist for. include the kind of details that make it easy to find matching song lyrics or song vibes, give the kind of music they would listen to/that fits the world(or the genres you're looking for), and even add a link if you have a playlist started, to avoid song suggestions you already have!

maybe you'll get a whole list, maybe someone only has a couple suggestions they were reminded of when they read your description. who knows! and there's no limit to suggesting for an old post, so if you realize that people already responded or it's an older post, feel free to suggest anyway! personally, it's nice to find that someone wanted to help!

you're also welcome to post fleshed out playlists if you think they might be helpful for others to pick songs off of!

i do ask that before you post your own request, you try to at suggest at least one song for someone else. just to keep everything even!

to start, i'll post my own!

i'm looking for songs that fit con, a newer character of mine. her playlist–linked–already has a couple songs.

she's a fun loving thief who gives off dumb blonde vibes at first, mostly because of her adhd and tendency to get lost in her own inner monologue. daughter of hermes, lover of diamonds, with an art and jewel thief mother who's taught her everything she knows. big on fashion, constantly traveling, and the kind of person who romanticizes cities. commitment issues galore and feels like she, herself, is temporary in everything she does because of her travels.

vibes that fit her range anywhere from avril lavigne's rock to indie pop. songs about loving to travel, about loving cities(or romanticizing specific cities), youth, and theft are probably near-perfect

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Hell No! by Mel Senese
Mr. Angel by Tommy Newport
Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
Lancaster Nights by Charlie Burg

These were some songs I felt sort of went with the vibe~ I hope I was accurate :)

So for my story, I'm looking for something more fantasy-related, though that isn't a requirement. Songs about a long journey, forests/trees, the stars, freedom, magic, kings/royalty, etc. are pretty much the vibes I'm going for, and I don't really mind what genre.
Some songs already in its playlist are:

  • Rivers and Roads (The Head and the Heart)
  • The Moon Will Sing (The Crane Wives)
  • Ship in a Bottle (fin)
  • I Found (Amber Run)
  • Dear Fellow Traveler (Sea Wolf)
  • King (Lauren Aquilina)

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@stressed-sock I recently listened to Joey Batey's band The Amazing Devil (he plays Jaskier the bard in The Witcher miniseries) and their album "The Horror and the Wild", the song of the same name in that album is pretty epic. Other songs on that album are about eating yogurt while binge-watching sitcoms, or looking for your rain boots because it's raining, but then another song will have a lyric like, 'I'm not singing, I'm screaming in tune' and the music is all epic and it's about somebody turning into a werewolf or something haha so it's a mixed bag.

Florence + the Machine had some royaltycore and fantasy vibes as well ("Queen of Peace" is one song like that.)

"Over the Hills and Far Away" by Nightwish


oh oh okay i love this–

everybody wants to rule the world – lorde

oh my my – ruelle
(great artist for fantasy vibes)

far from home – sam tinnesz
(also good for fantasy, recommend picking through his stuff)

crossfire – stephen

get home – bastille

you should see me in a crown – billie eilish

born for this – the score
(depending on the music genre you want, also lots of good fantasy songs)

viva la vida – coldplay
(come on. i mean-)

gilded – chloe olivia

glitter and gold – barnes courtney

thats all i can find, but a tip: come up with a list of books you think fit the vibe, and search playlists for those. even if they're only partly similar, you'll find at least a song to add to your playlist. i also recommend searching by vibe!


also elly is right, florence and the machine is great for those vibes. also take a look at faouzia and try searching for things with a heavy emphasis on soft instrumental bits, they tend to have softer, more mystical lyrics!