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So it's not needed immediately, but kinda soon?

I have a character whose coping mechanism is singing and playing guitar (she writes her own songs, but they're not written I just use songs from artists and pretends because it's easier)
Most of them are just little love songs but some are based on her.
I kinda just want a song that is pretty upbeat but also fits her style.

I have a playlist with the songs so it'd have to vibe with those.

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I think some of the original songs by Reinaeiry have the same sort of vibe. I personally really like Coffee and Alphabet

These two are really cute! I think they're the vibe of her and what she might sing but not necessarily the songs I'm going for?
I think I'm going for something that's not necessarily a love song but is upbeat. I would use Someone To You but I'm planning on using that at another point in the story.