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@Desvelarse book

Ok, I have been craving new music lately. Really anything alternative or something with a good aesthetic to just vibe to. Any recommendations?

Some songs in that category that im into rn though are:

  • Literally any song by mitski, glass animals, k.flay, and dominic fike
  • Suck It Up by Maretu
  • Ghosting by Mother Mother
  • 18 by Anarbor

@wren-has-mommy-issues group

Oooooookay so I listen to a lot of different stuff, but I have a couple of playlists you could look into?

that's all rap/hip hop o if you don't like that, don't listen to that one lol.

this is my rock playlist, it's a lot of older stuff though.

this is just stuff that slaps, different genres

hope you find something you like :)

@tungsten fastfood

Tally Hall is a fantastic artist as well

and suck it up I’m gonna say it

Feel Good Inc. By Gorillaz. That song has me quaking every time I listen to it

Deleted user

Rainbow Kitten Surprise is more indie than alt but I always recommend them. Start with Cocaine Jesus or It's Called: Freefall, although Matchbox and Hide are absolute bangers and the latter of the last two has Big Gay vibes. Devil Like Me always makes me cry lmao.