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I've been listening to OK Overture on repeat and I just really think it'd be cool to find some other AJR fans.

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YES, hello!!! I would probably have to agree with The Click being my favorite (it's just so iconic and it's the first one I listened to so nostalgia points), but I spent like three months listening to Neotheater so I know it intimately. I think they have absolute bops from every album thoβ€”

One of my favorite things to do is go on YouTube and watch musicians react to listening to AJR for the first time. It's so funny, I remember this one guy was vibing, bobbing his head and all, to I'm Not Famous, and when that one part towards the end goes he just freezes and is like, "Wait, what?" and continues vibing.

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I know the basslines to a majority of their songs and a;skdjf;alksdjf happy vibes

God, I had tickets to see them in concert but it got cancelled cuz COVID and then they got popular with Bang! and now I doubt anyone will believe me if I say that I liked them before they were cool :(

Also, Let The Games Begin is probably one of my favorite songs