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I desperately need music that I can vibe to that give me any kind of vibes. Please, please. I wanna widen my taste in music. So go for it! It can be in any language. I'm not too worried.


All the Rowboats by Regina Spektor just has fun vibes, also kinda weird vibes. Idk, it's neat
A Big World by Joel Adams. Again idk, I just vibe with it
Savage by Bahari. The epitome of funky, so much fun, much vibes
All of Me by John Legend. I vibe with this, it also describes some of my characters relationships really well, I love it


All the Rowboats by Regina Spektor just has fun vibes, also kinda weird vibes. Idk, it's neat

Oohh yess, All the Rowboats is my favorite Regina Spektor song

:D same, it's so good


SadBoyProlific is good but might be triggering
Melanie Martinez is good but deals with sensitive topics
Troye Sivan is good tho most of his songs are about relationships or sex but he's a gay icon so
Counting Crows is 90s
Jason Mraz (Mr. A-Z) is early 2000s to now
Mike Doughty is just overall pretty good

if any of these people sound interesting I can give some specific song suggestions for each


Homage by Mild High Club
literally any song by still woozy and current joys
Swing Lynn by Harmless
Jack Stuaber
Nice Boys by Temporex

thats all i can think of rn lol

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kid core- The Scary Jokes, Claire Rosinkranz
Weirdcore- Molina, Jack Stauber
Clairo, Girl in Red, SALES, Frances Forever, Sir Chloe, Destroy Boys

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I dunno if you're still looking for vibes, but slenderbodies has some very vibey vibes. It's a lot of distorted falsetto doubled with indie acoustic guitar and some very interesting percussion. My current favorite is 'Opal Ocean', but 'anenome' is a close second.

Similar to slenderbodies would be Glass Animals, which is the definition of a vibe. But like, all kinds of vibes. They got slow, almost sultry sounding music like 'Black Mambo' and 'Gooey', and then they've got more upbeat, hip hop-ish songs like 'Tokyo Drifting' and 'Space Ghost Coast To Coast'. And then they've got pretty much everything in between, which is incredible. I really love them lol.

Beck is a really safe bet 'cause he's got all kinds of music, too. His most well-known is probably 'Loser', but his 'Wow' is probably my favorite. 'Dreams', and actually all of his Colors album is really good. All of his music is good, he's got all the vibes. He stole them.

The Japanese House? God, I would die for her. She's got similar vibes to The 1975, but I can stomach her music more because it's not exclusively about sex and drugs. (Don't get me wrong, Matty Healy has a great voice, but I'm just not into the topics). My fav my TJH is 'Lilo', but I also really like 'Saw You In A Dream' and 'Chewing Cotton Wool'. Cavetown actually did a cover of the latter, which I love just as much as the original if not more.

Actually speaking of Cavetown, god, if you want soft boy guitar and ukulele vibes, he's the one to go to. But he's also got fancy bass and electric guitar in a couple of songs. He's not afraid to address heavier topics but it all sounds so good. I can even give you a couple of favorites; I love too many by him. Same goes for Conan Gray with the similar vibes and amazing songs.

Oh, you know who else has all the vibes? AJR. They incorporate orchestra as much as the more common instruments and sounds, and then they completely flip everything on its head and turn it back again. They're a wild ride with so many incredible songs. I've had 'OK Overture' on repeat for like three days, But I'd really recommend listening to 'Weak', 'I'm Not Famous', 'I'm Ready', and 'Pitchfork Kids'.

These are off the top of my head, but I can always add more if you're interested! Music is such a large portion of my life it's not even funny lmao.