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Treasure Planet is so underrated it should be a crime
My friend just got back from Canada and she said that no one she spoke to for a WHOLE YEAR had seen it or even heard of it!


Total childhood classic if you ask me. I mean seriously, literal 'space ships' running on solar with an alien pirate crew? Mutiny, treasure, a planet blowing up, redemption for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and that really cool storybook at the beginning? I will always love Treasure Planet!

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Wait, are you talking about Disney's Treasure Planet or the 1982 Treasure Planet? (I've only seen the Disney one, I'm very sorry, my friends, if you are talking about the latter.)

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It was a passion project that the evil corporation inexplicably did the creative team so dirty…theatrical release was in December opposite the very first Harry Potter movie. If only Treasure Planet had been a summer release that year, wayyy more people would've watched it.

Then again, I did get to catch it when it was showing on the Disney channel, and…the budget definitely showed, the plot had always been solid adaptation of a classic, and the aesthetics were chef's kiss (the 70/30 rule of which percent would be Victorian and which percent would be Star Trek.)