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For some reason, Capcom keeps giving Paul W. S. Anderson the rights to keep making movies. The director of the Resident Evil movies has now turned their gaze to the Monster Hunter franchise, which has recently seen worldwide success thanks to Monster Hunter World and the Iceborne expansion that came with it a few years later. The movie itself stars Milla Jovovich (again, because nepotism) and Tony Jaa and the idea is that Jovovich's character is a part of the military (Army? Marines? It's unclear right now) and they get sucked into the world of Monster Hunter because of some dimensional rift.

While I don't necessarily have a problem with all of the "parts," the "whole" they assemble looks like it's going to be weird and really only function as eye-candy with all of the neat monster designs. I am a little sad that Gore Magala will be introduced to new players through the movie instead of the games, but here's hoping that Monster Hunter is at least decent.

I'm going to watch it seriously the first time, and if it truly sucks I'll just use it as a shitty movie-night flick. What do you guys think? Is anyone else excited for this?