forum Marvel's Eternals, anyone??
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I just saw it today and holy shiittttttt

The plot twist with Ikaris?? yesssssss. also why tf does Richard Madden look so much like Sebastian Stan, but yet not??? it's so weird

also Druig and Makkari? My favorites, especially as a couple?? her little scream when she thought he was dead was so. just. whfkgdjgh bc she is deaf. that strangled scream was pure emotion and i felt it in my soul

ok but the size scale of the Celestials horrifies me in ways that I cannot name. like one glance at the proportions and their size in comparison to Earth is absolutely awful and I hate it so much, living things are not supposed to be that….big. like. so fucking huge and it was terrifying and that made the movie even better?

also like, the way the magic started as these golden filaments and then would solidify? I loved that a lot


also I didn't know Harry Styles was in it until that scene played and I was sitting there going "what the fuck". I just….I can't believe Marvel really went and put Harry Styles in a movie lmfao

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I still need to watch it but I'm obsessed with the Eternals Legos and their designs especially for the women-. I adore Makkari already tbh and I'm so glad that there's a deaf superhero in a blockbuster movie!


hbkgsbjfgbdh Jyn there are spoilers here!

but YES IT WAS AMAZING, Makkari was so, just ahjbkfajbhdgj her and Druig are relationship goals, tbh. so fucking cute together I just

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I just asdjfkdska I LOVE them! Druig and Makkari?? Ben and Phastos? GILGAMESH AND THENA?! Kingo is an absolute chaos man I stan
YES except his face shape is a little less square-ish? And he's a little more blonde


YESS OMG! Druig and Makkari are absolutely amazing and I love them so much?? and GILGAMESH AND THENA!! COUPLE GOALS! BOTH OF THEM! Kingo is hilarious lmao
yes like. he looks both exactly like and nothing like Sebastian Stan, it's,,,, weird