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I surely can’t be the only Godzilla fan here…

movie discussion for all things related to Godzilla! Showa, Heisei, Reiwa; Monsterverse, the ‘98 film, etc
also feel free to ask me (or people who want to answer) any Lore Questions or just things regarding Godzilla. I dont know everything but I probably know more than the average person about this character/franchise

use common sense, anything you think should be under a spoiler should go under it (e.g. for films that just came out, or films not widely available to everyone — recent examples I’ll use are Minus One, which didn’t receive a lot of screening outside of the U.S and Japan; and Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire, which JUST came out. obv in the future if the former becomes more available and for the second if the no-spoiler period ends, this won’t apply; but just an example)

some stuff about me in relation to this franchise:

  • I’ve been a fan since 2014
  • one of my first Godzilla films was the 1998 one, which I’ll always have a soft spot for
  • I like pretty much all of the films, but I have a strong connection to Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. the ending made me cry
  • as of making this thread, I just saw GxK yesterday (Mar 28th 2024) and really enjoyed it! it’s still such a whiplash comparing the tone to 2014 though LOL. im not complaining, but it’s kind of funny.
  • I in general love kaiju films
  • some of my favourite designs for Godzilla are the monsterverse and millennium ones
  • outside of Godzilla, my favourite kaiju include Hedorah and Rodan
  • I have my own little side-passion project, Godzilla Archangel that I work off and on with
  • I love Kong’s storyline in the monsterverse and im looking forwards to what they’re doing with it in the future