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@lemonwitch @Emmrii @Dayzed @emilyevewrites @ThatOneCreatureOfTheNight and everyone else I RP with, I'm sorry if my responses are short but it's the week of my fall finals and I'm really busy, but i still want to reply. I also will not be able to reply after 3:45pm MST and on the weekends due to personal reasons. I do very much enjoy all of our RPs though

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Omg. I'm so sorry. It's been so much longer than two weeks. Life got hectick and i haven't been able to get on. I would love to pick our rp's back up if you guys are okay with that. I also lost my old account and had to make a new one

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welcome back!! don't worry about disappearing, it happens a lot, we've got lives outside of notebook so don't sweat it! glad to have ya back though!