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Dance, music, visual art, writing, alchemy, demonic, elements, light, dark, Thought, soulmate, spirit, myth


Same, which is why I opened with thread.
I have, for music, Siren and Aria, with Siren been the more powerful type
For, like, this thing where you move things with invisible strands of energy, Wielder
People who can convince other people to do something by talking, Orator
And that's all more interesting ones


The procedure for coming up with these isn't very reliable, however
I lie in bed playing on my phone til something pop up


LOL same
It's just sometimes (read: all the f*cking time) my brain decides to come up with food ideas instead

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I literally stole them from other series. I'm trying to find better names for them so that the creators won't come after me later on.


What about
Spirit: Pneumancer (pneuma meaning spirit, soul, or force of a person)
Demonic: Diabolist, or Maledict (comes from Latin meaning evil)
Darkness: Umbrus


What if your type of magic was based on your occupation? Or the occupation you would one day have? Like a horse rider could have archery magic or be able to commune with horses? A blacksmith could have some sort of ability with metal, or a specific type of stone or fire depending on skill and such? But how would this be determined? By parents? Or just like trying out things until you find something you are actually good at? And then would everyone have magic? Or just a select few? Any ideas for this?

@Kaleb_Advent language

Everyone has some sort of magic ability from birth, and that's it. It can be pretty much anything, though, from psychic powers to breathing fire. Usually determined by genetics, but that's not always the case.


I have a few with common names, but uncommon rules? If u wanna see them lmk cause it's a bit of a longer read than anything else on here

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Most ppl got magical powers and fall into three cats, they're called sorcerers.
Witch - Fenwa
Priestess - Padona
Elementist- Seván