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I'm working on a new magic system for a race of creatures i made some while ago. Now, these guys have 2 types of main abilities: Long Range and Short Range.
The Long Range abilities are common, since these creatures have vulnerable physical bodies that can be harmed in direct combat, therefore keeping the enemy away from them is the best option in order to avoid casualties.

Short Range abilities are kinda rare since they're good for direct combat, which is very risky.
What kind of abilities can be used for close combat? The more unusual, the better
Thank u so much! ;3;


Hi there!

You're race is more concerned about protecting itself, right? So maybe they can forge a sort of shield or forcefield on the spot with their magic?
Ropes are a way to keep your opponent tied up (hehe), so maybe some kind of burning rope they can use? They could get in close range, then confuse their opponent enough to circle them a few times, causing the rope to bind them.
Enhanced speed and flexibility for a short amount of time would be useful as well.

Hope this helped!

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Blinking, a.k.a teleportation, but faster and more efficient as a pro, and very short ranged as a con. Can be used for evading, to gain or close distance fast (by spamming it), and to get behind an opponent. Can also be used for stealth.
Telecombustion, the ability to cause destructive explosions over short range. Kinda OP. Can be used to explode the insides of an enemy, as well as a means to propel oneself or enhance one's strikes.
Tactile transmutation, the ability to change something into something else by touch. Also very OP.
Tactile telekinesis, can be used to lift, push, pull, throw, catch, jump and run better, and to help fly, also has a number of other creative uses. Can also slow and soften blows.
Inhuman vitality, allows for superhuman durability, regenerative healing factor, and heavy resistance to disease, toxins, and drugs.

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What if they could channel energy through their strikes, making them more powerful and possibly blasting them back, or burning or shocking them.

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Hand energy blades, Mage Armor, Misty Step, causing explosions with their hands a la Katsuki Bakugo, physical enhancers (which might be really threatening if they're considerably squishy),