forum sci fi telekinetic,cosmic,element,and animal magic ideas for my world
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elite alien scavenger

in my world i call my magic space magic and each magic has a catorgory 1.cosmic 2.telekinetic 3.elemental 4.celluar(animal abilities) any ideas for magic and what it does

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Users of cosmic magic could be very dangerous. Assuming you meant cosmic as in space and time related. Users could probably alter the flow of time slightly???? Like as in slow it down to get a fight done quickly. Those with telekinesis could yknow, do what telekinetics do… but those with a high level of mastery could shape matter into whatever they want, literally adding and taking away subatomic particles from atoms to make elements out of others, sorta like alchemy. When it comes to elemental magic, there's simply too much to discuss on the matter. This cellular magic you came up with sounds intriguing though.

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Cosmic magic users should probably be very few in number and only those with a high mastery of other types of magic should even be able to learn, let alone master it. Telekinetic magic should be very prevalent, but those who can use it to its extremes, just like cosmic magic users, should be rare.