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I'll warn you beforehand, this will not be in any way pretty…
1 make the person kill other people until other people have kill him in self defense
2 make the person rip his own head off
3 make the person tear his spine out and then if he survives, make him stab himself with it
4 make the person rip his limbs off, and then eat them
5 make the person stab his own brain out with a long skewer
I could go on… if you think it's a good idea

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With all due respect, we need to think bigger.
Disclaimer: I'm not a psychopath TvT

It's mind control, not just body control, right? So…
1: Make them think their child/pet has fallen in front of a train so they leap to save them
2: Convince them that there are bugs under their skin and the only way to get them out is to stab themselves repeatedly
3: Have them drink ammonia like it's lemonade
4: Make them pet the wild animals at a zoo
5: Make them yell insults at a street gang
6: Make them think they're a tree. Then see whether they die of dehydration or exposure first
7: Convince them that their fireplace is a gateway to Narnia
shrug Just some thoughts.

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yeah the more psychological ones are really interesting, i cant think of anymore of them but would honestly like to see more