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I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with healing in my world. I know it exists and I have two characters who are healing-based except one focuses more on herbal remedies and the other is more magical.

It used to be that you could only use healing magic if you were born with that ability and you can't use any other kind of magic which was the case with one character but I wanted this other character of mine to be able to use some healing magic which is why I scrapped that idea.

So any suggestions? Care to share your own healing magic systems?


Well it kinda sounds like you already know what you're doing. Question tho, would someone using herbs to heal be using magic or just like a regular doctor/apothecary? You could have magic be like a natural talent, so some people are just born really good at it and other people have to work really hard to even get to the level the first one started at. If that helps?
I've used a couple healing systems and most are just your typical magic things but I had two that were a little more fun. One of them was a healer who would put their hands over a wond and essentially bend time beneath their hands so the wound would heal faster (I've also seen this done where healers can make the skin go back in time to before it was hurt). Another interesting one is someone who's power is the ability to transfer pain from one to another. So that meant he could either take the pain himself or transfer it to another person which make for interesting moral situations. Once I had a character on the verge of death but my healer was able to defuse equal parts of the pain to everyone in the party so everyone was sore but no one died.

Also I've seen 'healing' done by just transferring the person into a new body too

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Yeah healing herbs is your run of the mill doctor although being able to enchant potions with healing properties would be a valuable skill. And there are of course ingredients that are innately magical.
Hmm…I like the idea of it being natural for some and others having to work hard to learn it.
And turning back time is a really cool thing although I already have time magic and it doesn't quite work that way (still cool tho)

But that helps a bit so thank you!


In my universe healing doesn't have to be used beneficially. I have an herbalist character who mainly buffs and heals allies, but can also induce anaphylactic shock or even blind enemies. I have another character who used to be a doctor and uses her knowledge of the human body to target critical points. I know that doesn't really answer your question, but it helps spark ideas.

Anyways, healing magic can be divided into different kinds of skills depending on what type of system you're using. Some people prefer to make healing spells divine, meaning that any wound or sickness can be healed through magic. Others prefer to make healing case-specific. This means that your character would have to know what spells to use for things all the way from exsanguination to a harmful bacteria. I have a character who burns all of her wounds; effectively cauterizing them.

Overall, when thinking about healing you really have to think about how your magic system works. I will not encourage you to share your magic system for purposes of confidentiality but at this point this response is more of a general message. If your characters get their abilities from a divine being, they will likely have the ability to heal in a general manner, meaning they can heal most wounds, except for serious ones or anti-magical ones. If your magic is more of a science, you may want to consider requiring that your character knows specific remedies for all different types of injuries. This means that based on your character's intelligence they may be able to heal any wound or ailment.

Hope this helps!

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Wouldn't both physical and magical healing go hand-in-hand in some cases? Herbs and other medicinal components could also work for spells and spells could also produce healing components i.e. holy water or enchanting wands with healing spells.