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You could have something similar to a phone but made of crystal and it has runes as icons/letters

@Riorlyne pets

Everlasting fire: something a bit like a cigarette lighter but magical, so with one flick you can have a bit of harmless light, and with another flick you can light a candle.


Oh I have a ton, but I can’t promis their gonna be good XD not sure if these are what your looking for but feel free to use -

Glasses that allow you to see a persons name and age

Contacts that change color

A watch that doesn’t show time, but where everyone in you family/ your friends are (a lot like the Wesley clock in Harry Potter )

A gun that never runs out of bullets, or shoots some sort electric shock wave or smth

A locket that has pictures of different places throughout time, and is constantly changing

Hope this helped TT

@Yamatsu Earthbender

Combination hookah and coffee maker! It also makes Julienne fires! It will not break! It will not– CRASH

It broke.

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I think a little paperweight that can move and give writing suggestions would be super cute. (Like, a tiny cat ot something?)
A multi-lingual translator device that translates any language in real-time, right in your ear?
a boomerang thats also A KNIFE!!!

Sarah Stocking

A hair clip/bobby pin/pony tail holder enchanted to make your hair look nice.
A lip piercing that translates your speech into the language others around you are using
A pencil that grants you luck for tests (not cheating but helps your gut feelings to be correct.)
A pencil that helps you write your ideas out clearly
A ring that helps keep your hands clean
A glass enchanted to refill with the drink you want (Percy Jackson inspired)
Shoes that guide midnight walking to where you need to be (Felix Felicis almost?)
A clockwork go-fer, that fetches things from your house
A backpack that never runs out of granola bars
A necklace with detachable bits that can turn into daggers

@A. Alice Robins

magic tattoos that give little encouragements
Mascara that lets you see in the dark
Ear buds that let you hear the truth of what people are saying
Hover cars
Stoves and ovens that heat to the right temperature first time
Non-burn curling irons