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Can be based on music, require music to be activated, or really anything that has to do with music in general.

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I have a Bard-barian character that plays the bass guitar, and pretty much every song is a rock song (Primus, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, etc.). Party-buffing is Take the Power Back or Power Mad, and most of his stuff is based on berserking his way through situations while playing rad licks. Good ol' Milogras Steelbender!


Sound wave manipulation? Think binaural beats and how certain frequencies can manipulate the mind. There was this one episode of "A Thousand Ways to Die" which told the story of a drug dealer who sold music that could make you high when you listen to it, although I can't remember the name. Also maybe look up articles on music therapy and how different music genres invoke different feelings. Like for example, people like metal and rap music because the heavy bass reminds them of being in the womb and listening to their mom's heartbeat.

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maybe think about the sound waves themselves, a loud enough sound wave can put out a fire, so maybe there are some practical uses for that. (Like a certain chord will stun everyone in a 10 foot radius, or a note putting people to sleep)
or emotional uses? Play a measure or two of classical music and calm down an angry enemy, or play goth rock to make it really dark or something? Idk but it sounds cool

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I mean, that SOUNDS cool (no pun intended), but a soundwave powerful enough to put out a fire will also kill everyone in a large radius. I don't know the actual science behind it, but y'know how opera singers can shatter glass? Literally anyone can do that given the proper amplification, so maybe you could translate that into messing with other materials?

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hmm…what if thats the point? Or using a certain chord to deafen people for short periods of tim, lots of evil here lol

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What about a person who is gifted with a song that puts everyone in a deep sleep or has the ability to make people forget the last few weeks of their life?


what if you could sing at such high or low frequencies that the human ear couldn't pick up? Could that be used for communication between you and others with similar powers?

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You could communicate with elephants that way, as they can hear and frequently use low-frequency noises to communicate. Apparently, they can hear earthquakes happening thousands of miles away because they give off a very low buzz.

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water can react to soundwaves, right? (tsunaumis can start that way, i think) so maybe something with that? ( nor i might be totally wrong lmao )

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Humming certain tunes around flowers to bring the earth to life around you, especially useful to trip up opponents, literally being Snow White or another Disney princess, and calling the animals around you to help by singing normally. In Assassination Classroom they show mental state in frequencies, so perhaps figuring out the frequency of someone's state and basing music off of that could have different effects, of calming, or focusing, enraging, maybe even controlling, or distracting. Flynn of the show RWBY (appears in season three during the doubles battles) uses music as a weapon. Sonic scream should be available to Wiki as well.