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I would like to hear about the many, many diverse magic systems that this side has to offer! I would like to hear about the categories and subcategories their powers and limitations. From the simple to the complex, the conventional to the strange!


I have a magic system that I kind of… stole… from other genres, but I thought it was neat. I'm just going to have to change the names so that I'm not liable to get sued by the original owners (it will be pretty clear in a moment).

The two kinds of magic in my world are Bending and Animus. Of the three races, Dragons can use both, Humans can only use Animus effectively, and Wyverns can't use either (but they have their own evolutionary adaptations to make up for it).

Bending is elemental magic, the kind found in The Last Airbender. However, Bending magic is far more versatile and requires less rigorous movement to use it effectively. It still acts like a martial art with the gestures and stances changing how each element will move in accordance with your body. Dragons, however, don't have standard martial arts that are taught like humans do, so a lot of Bending relies on sheer focus and force of will to get things done. Dragons born with magic can have insane prowess, but it takes years to master an element. A Bender can only control the element they have a natural affinity towards, but the possibilities are endless. They can move mountains, part seas, cause great conflagrations and storms, very nearly all magic users were wiped out in a war 3,000 years prior due to the threat they could pose. Humans can technically learn Bending, but it takes far longer to make even a modicum of progress. Twenty years of non-stop training allows a human Bender to lift a small boulder, unclog a drain, start a small fire, or cause a gentle breeze with extreme difficulty. Not really worth it.

Animus magic, loosely based on the system from Wings of Fire with the same name (you see why I have to change these?), is all about enchantments. They can be either permanent or temporary, but each enchantment can be whatever the caster wishes as long as it is written or spoken aloud. However, Animus magic takes energy, and complicated enchantments or ones placed on large structures or living organisms take a lot. An inexperienced Animus can have all of the energy sucked out of them if they try to do too much. Dragons have the ability to enchant a lot of things, including animals other than humans, wyverns, and dragons, and large structures aren't as dangerous. There are legends of an ancient Animus that caused a mountain to crumble on top of an invading army, but they have since faded into myth. Humans can be born with Animus magic, but most of them have decided to stick with a "theme" that they revolve around. One guy uses clothes and cloth, another uses paint, and one even uses small houseplants, though that takes quite a bit of effort. There have been rumors of Animus that modify their bodies in some way, but those are old wives' tales, according to many.

Going back to the magical war that was mentioned earlier, so many magic users were wiped out that, on a continent of 1 billion including Dragons, Wyverns, and Humans, only about 300 magic users remain. This also includes my main characters, who are Half-Dragons. They both have Bending to a much greater degree than humans, but they can't pull off the feats that draconic Benders can. They can certainly get the job done, despite being the only two of their kind.

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I have 2 magic systems- one from a story I think I might just stop writing (lol it's been months since I've been able to put anything down, and things got super confusing in the plot), and then the main thing I'm working on at the moment.

  1. Everyone (at least almost everyone) in this system has powers. Each individual has a different level of potential for their magic (based on endurance, power, etc.). It's unknown what causes differences between individuals. Not everyone chooses to tap into it, and this is especially true in the military, where magic is often regarded as a "cheap tactic." Magic is divided into 3 rough categories: Offensive, Mental, and Supportive. Offensive magic includes elemental magics mainly- anything that can be used as a weapon and is useful in a fight. Mental magic refers to anything that mainly occurs in the mind of the user, or what they can do to others' minds. This includes Clairvoyance and Telepathy. Support magic is used to help others. Healing magic is the main one in this category. There is a little overlap when it comes to some types. For example, Influence magic is used to influence the emotions/mental state of others, and is considered both Mental and Support (the way one of my characters uses it is that he's a healer by trade and uses it to ease the mental aspect of pain and reduce anxiety/panic that accompanies injury or illness). All types of magic use up life force, but they all have vastly different qualities, functions, and side effects upon overuse. Some magical side effects are harmful, even deadly to the user. I have this list of magic types along with fun facts, and all the limitations and methods, but it's really long.
  2. Hang on, I may post this other system in a bit.

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My magic system is kinda still in development but here it goes
There are Humans (no magic), Mages (Have some magic), and Fae (are magic). There are 6 elements that are fire, earth, air, water, light/life. and dark/death. Fae all fall into one category or another, but only one, and usually have specialty in it (ex, some water Fae would be better at rain and others would use snow). Mages can use all types of magic with practice and have to use a staff to channel their magic. The Mages can also have a familiar/partner Fae and become more powerful in that element of magic. When a Mage specializes in a magic with their Fae familiar, they lose their abilities to do most other magics, or it becomes very difficult. My main character is a dark mage but keeps trying to use other elements and that's kind of where the first arc of my story is.
I still need to come up with the "cost" of having a familiar and magic, but there's the basic idea of my system :)


so there's some history to this, but there isn't a single human that has any Magic potential. I wanted to make my story feel like it could be part of the real world while also being somewhat out there.
There's 3 simple steps to a spell and together they make the "Spell Triangle

  1. Form
    Basic form is key. The Magic energy inside your body has to know where and how to flow

  2. Mana Control
    Making sure that the energy is in the right places and comes out in the right amounts is also very important

  3. State of Mind
    You really have to think about what the spell means to you and how it feels. You have to know what to turn the energy into and how to use it

yeah, kinda simple but hard to master