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this is basically a thing for anyone who has a jojo's bizarre adventure oc/persona in the works or something and has no idea what to do in terms of stand names/abilities/etc. new stands will be added as they are made. they are all listed after the rules below.


  • if you want to use one of the stands, please let me know before you use it! approval from me isn't required to adopt a stand, but it helps in case i want to know who is using each stand

  • once you claim a stand, it is put under your full control. from there, you can change certain aspects of it until it matches with what you'd like in the stand.

  • please do not fight over stands! more than one person can use the same stand at any given time as long as they can somehow differ their chosen stands enough so that they aren't carbon copies

  • credits are required, but they are preferred! thus, if you make a page with your chosen stand listed in it, you can choose to add credits or not.

completed stands:


Official Name: Nyaw

Localized Name: Meow

Appearance: Nyaw has a form that resembles that of Yoshikage Kira's Killer Queen, but small and somewhat more feminine. They have miscellaneous bits of armor over parts of its body, such as the shoulders, the chest, the knees, etc. Nyaw dons a fingerless glove on one hand (the hand on its right) while the other hand is bare (the hand on its left). The Stand itself has a fur-like texture yet feels cold to the touch, rather than feeling warm and fuzzy like most cats would. Nyaw wears a pair of combat boots covered in scattered studs that also have a heel that's only about a few inches tall, only slightly adding on its height.

Abilities: When Nyaw sheds, it can use its fallen strands of fur to form tiny, toothpick-esque spikes that Nyaw or its user can use in combat. It has no current defensive abilities.

Range: 5 meters

Combat Style: Fighting/Offense

Recommended usage: Melee or long-range fighting


Official Name: Thorns

Localized Name: Spikes

Appearance: Thorns, unlike most Stands, does not take a humanoid form. It appears to start off as a vine with thorns scattered across it. These vines are stronger than metal, given that the forms take on the strength and durability of diamonds (this is also what the vines and thorns are made of). This Stand is similar to Joseph Joestar's "Hermit Purple" Stand.

Abilities: Thorns is a malleable Stand at first, but once the Stand takes on whatever shape its user desires, it can harden drastically to the point where no force other than other diamonds can repel the chosen form. Once the user is through with the Stand, it'll either repel itself or the user can repel it.

Range: 2 meters

Combat Style: Defense

Recommended usage: User shielding, attack blocking, or long-range fighting

hopefully this'll go somewhere, because i'd love to help out fellow jojo fans in this area since i myself used to have trouble with coming up with stands. doing this ref-sheet sort of thing has helped greatly. as i said earlier, stands will be added onto this page as they are developed and thought out! thank you in advance for reading all the way up to here.