forum I need help finding a balance between Light and Dark
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Essentially, in the world my story takes place, the world is made up of Light and Dark. The two work in harmony and one cannot exist without the other. The Light, as of right now, looks like a hard white light, whereas the Dark looks like a solid shadow. I am puzzled as to what their purpose exactly is. For a quick rundown the idea of my story, the royal bodyguard to the Emperor is in hiding after the Emperor is assassinated and the throne is usurped. He stumbles upon a girl that has a strong affinity for the Light (he is adept with the Dark). I am thinking of the Dark as behaving like shadows, but I cannot think of an equivalent for the Light. Thanks for any help!

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Light can be like fire, or maybe white fire if you want. Think of common elements of light and dark: sun and moon, day and night, shadows and literal lights.


yin yang … and opposites like luck and misfortune (ladybug and a black cat), extrovert and an introvert, etc (idk)

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